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This is a review of the best calgary home inspection company Begin Inspections Ltd. One of most important purchases that any person can make is buying a house and there can be many pitfalls to contend with if there is not a home inspection conducted by a certified home inspector.

Certified master inspector Calgary home inspections

Dennis Begin is the owner of a trusted home inspection company which has helped and instructed many home owners over the past eight years. Dennis has 5 star reviews on his Google Business page with many satisfied  clients leaving glowing reviews and recommendations.

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Having completed many courses as a home inspector Dennis is a member of interNACHI as well as being certified as a master inspector with many 35 years years in the home construction and renovation business. This extensive experience has given Dennis the ability to know more about the optimum procedures that every home owner should know in order to keep their property safe and structural sound. Dennis also is aware of and can find problems with electrical outlets and wiring using thermal imaging and infra red camera technologies.

Dennis has an introductory pre-listing and pre-purchase special for his home inspection customers and the cost will surprise you. He uses non invasive procedures and gives a detailed report to his customers on completion  of all his home inspections.

The value of a home inspection is represented in the cost of a home inspection compared to having a prospective deal fall through or having unforeseen costs attributed to any sale due to problems with the property not discovered in a home inspection is totally cost effective.

Dennis provides the finest exterior and interior evaluation of homes and commercial buildings. His expert advice and evaluation of exterior home products such as driveways, walls, fencing and other exterior structures ensure safety and longevity. Interior evaluation primarily deals with drywall, insulation, plumbing, and others. Begin Inspection Ltd. offers a variety of packages and new home construction inspections to suit the variety of needs of the market.

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EXTERIOR Evaluation for homes and/or other property

    • Electrical receptors, lights and ground fault circuit interrupters
    • Condition of roof construction and style of covering: asphalt shingles, clay, or other
    • Flashing, gutters and downspouts. Soffit and Fascia
    • Chimneys, skylights, exhaust fans and plumbing stacks
    • Doors, windows and trim. Furnace, dryer and bathroom vents
    • Condition and type of siding. Foundation appearance
    • Landscaping, elevation, grade and drainage
    • Driveway, sidewalks and steps
    • The complete structure of decks, carports, retaining walls, fencing, stairs and railings

INTERIOR Evaluation for homes and/or other property

Throughout the interior evaluation the use of an Infrared (Thermal Imaging) Camera proves to be a very beneficial tool. Thermal imaging provides an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows Begin Inspection to be more in depth in finding problems than a traditional home inspection could. The Infrared Camera can detect hidden issues behind your walls that are not visible to the naked eye. You may have excess moisture (mold), energy loss due to poor or old insulation and the lack of sealant around frames & electrical outlets (inefficient and higher energy costs), heat from electrical faults (could lead to a potential fire hazard), structural defects and more. Having this pointed out to yourself can either reassure you or allow for more informed decisions on the corrective actions you might need to take with the house or building you are listing to sell or buying.

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 Posted on : June 8, 2017
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