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This is a review of the Calgary business management consulting company, Pro-B Management and how this company is important today in optimizing the operational activities of any business in these uncertain economic times.

The operational management company has only been in existence for one year but the owner Brent Trenholm has thirty five years in the manufacturing and oil and gas business and knows what it takes to run a successful business having all facets of the company running smoothly and congruently.

Brent has a 5 step plan that he offers businesses as he develops his operational management strategies. He discusses this plan in detail in the following video.


The company website can be found at and Brent has an iron clad guarantee that the businesses that he helps will have a substantial and sustainable increase in their profits and much happier employees that are cognizant of their role in either the procedures involved on the floor to procedures followed by the managers of the company.

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Mr. Trenholm’s goal is revealed to be to support the company’s growth by examining in detail, key processes which makes a company thrive, grow and be profitable  in the global marketplace. He now offers this experienc and knowledge in connecting the link’s to other companies who are looking for help  with the alignment of team members. resources and training. This includes some very essential tools required to maximize any company’s ability to help streamline their operations to stay competitive.

Pro B Management has helped many businesses in Calgary and all over Canada with their operations management problems and his commitment to providing any company with an increase in their bottom line and knowledgeable employees is a testament to his many years in the manufacturing business both in the boardroom and in the field.

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As a Calgary business management consultant Brent Trenholm is very proud of the work that he has done for such industries as oil and gas, manufacturing, forestry and pulp and paper. He is offering a free consultation to help these companies operate more efficiently and cohesively and backs up his consulting expertise with an iron clad guarantee.

Here a two of his latest videos where he tells a little about Pro-B Management and discusses the Mission Statement for his company.





 Posted on : October 3, 2016
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